Some pictures of recent Installations. Give us a call to discuss your next project and to get a free estimate.

Triangle Tube Boiler

This high efficiency wall hung boiler system has proven to be robust and exceeded expectations. Paired with a smart tank this set up provides nearly endless hot water.  

American Tankless Water Heater 

This project required the removal of two standard electric water heaters from attic and installation of tank-less in closet. This provided constant hot water and eliminated risk of water damage from frozen pipes or cracked tank.

Bryant Heat Pumps

This job had us replacing old Air Conditioners with Heat pumps. The heat pumps work in conjunction with new boiler system.

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless System

Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat systems provide warm comfortable heat even during low ambient temperatures.

Triangle Tube Boiler

This is another Triangle Tube installation. This install had us piping multiple zones of heat and installing a smart tank. 

Right Equipment for the job

We installed a Ductless system on the 1st floor and standard ducted unit in the attic to serve 2nd floor. With no room in crawl space for duct work this was best option to provide heating and cooling to both 1st and 2nd floor of home. 

Bryant Gas Furnace

High efficiency LP or Natural gas furnaces provide comfortable heat regardless of low outdoor temperatures.

Oil fired Steam Boiler

Steam systems are not as common today as in the past but some are still out there. This boiler is installed on a catering trailer  to provide steam to cook crabs.

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