Tidewater Heating & Cooling

We have experience in service and installation of all types of HVAC systems including heat pumps, gas furnaces, gas boilers, ductless mini splits  and oil systems. We can design a custom service contract to maintain all mechanical equipment in you home or business, including  some often neglected systems such as dryer vents and water heaters which should be cleaned and flushed yearly.

Our History

Joshua Arquiett graduated from State University of NY with an Associates Degree in Applied Science.  He has over 15 years of experience as a technician, and started his own business in 2014. 

"The Company was originally formed because we saw a lack of proper design on high end residential systems, which caused overly expensive systems to be installed with mechanical issues that required above average maintenance and repairs. Our background in mechanical engineering has given us a foundation to properly evaluate and design projects to suit our customers' needs, stay within budget and on schedule." - Josh

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